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Selection Tools

Selection tests enable organizations to supplement hiring procedures with objective comparative information. Traditional sources of information for hiring include resumes, applications, and interviews. These subjective sources of data tend to emphasize job related experience, skills, and past performance. Testing can provide information about a job candidates “fit” with a job. Testing can answer certain questions with far greater objectivity and accuracy than other methods:

  • Do the candidate’s personality traits tend to align well with the activities the job requires?
  • Does this person prefer working with people, data, or things?
  • Does this person have the abilities/aptitudes that typically are required to succeed in this job?
  • What are the problem areas that the candidate is likely to experience in the job?
  • If this person is lacking skills or experience, will training likely to be successful in improving behavior and performance?
  • Is this candidate a high risk for counterproductive work behaviors like dependability, dishonesty, or sexual harassment?

The products we have on Selection Tools are:

This cognitive and "Big 5" personality screening test takes just 15 minutes to complete. A hiring manager can select from 15 primary job-type reports to quickly get a basic picture of an applicants likely suitability for a position.

Counterproductive Behavior Index™
This honesty/integrity test is designed to provide employers an accurate assessment of job applicants risk profile in counterproductive work behaviors.

Prevue is a proven selection assessment supported by an elegantly simple automated system for creating and managing job specific benchmarks.

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