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Management and Supervisory Assessment Products
MAP—Managerial Assessment of Proficiency Online

Management and Supervisory Assessments

Management assessments provide information about an individuals skills, competencies, personal styles, personality, or abilities to expose blind spots or weaknesses as well as to determine personal strengths. Management competencies are the more basic, day-to-day, quarter-to-quarter skills necessary for a supervisor to competently achieve or exceed organization goals.

Management competencies cluster in two areas: people-oriented skills and task-oriented skills. Both are equally necessary to manage. Root personality characteristics and abilities can influence managerial competence and style making these characteristics an important category of management assessment.

HRD Press management assessments are appropriate for one-on-one coaching of managers or supervisors, or can be administered in a classroom setting as the first crucial step in a comprehensive management development system. In either case, assessment should be linked directly with training resources to address development needs. HRD Press management assessments link directly to off-the-shelf training workshops.

The products we have on Management and Supervisory Assessments are:

MAP—Managerial Assessment of Proficiency Online
MAP—Managerial Assessment of Proficiency allows you to benchmark your managers and supervisors in 12 fundamental competencies against a database of 100,000.

Management Effectiveness Profile
The Management Effectiveness Profile is a competency-based diagnostic instrument that will give your key leaders a valuable snapshot of their strengths and weaknesses. Once they recognize their own competencies, they can explore where to concentrate their improvement efforts so they can manage even more successfully in the future.

TotalView is a proven selection assessment supported by an elegantly simple automated system for creating and managing job specific benchmarks.

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