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Learning Profiles™ and Assessments

Learning Profiles are a group of assessments that assess styles, competencies, and commitment using a common question format and reporting output. The range of topics spans nearly every major category of interpersonal skills useful in a business setting. Time management, customer commitment, and personal stress are 3 examples.

HRD Press Learning Profiles provide three valuable sources of information:

  • Your personal profile will answer questions such as, "are you good at time management and in what areas of time management are you better or worse"?
  • Your development priorities translate your individual profile into a specific, actionable list of targets designed to help you improve your effectiveness.
  • Coaching recommendations provide behavioral tips and practices that can be used to immediately begin improving a skill area.

Learning Profiles can be completed in about 10 minutes and participants instantly get a comprehensive feedback report. Both 180 and 360 feedback can be accommodated with all our Learning Profiles.

The products we have on Learning Profiles and Assessments are:

Coaching Effectiveness Profile
This Profile looks at an individual's ability to coach others successfully.

Communication Effectiveness Profile
This instrument looks at an individual's ability to effectively get their message across clearly using seven separate categories. These are Empathizing, Receiving, Clarifying, Understanding, Reading non verbal clues, Feedback giving and Transmitting your message.

Creativity and Innovation Profile
The Creativity/Innovation Effectiveness Profile provides a detailed process for assessing an individual's existing capacity to be creative.

Customer Service Commitment Profile
This instrument looks at how much commitment exists for service excellence to customers from two perspectives - the individual's view about their own commitment, and about what they see to be the commitment to service by the wider organization around them.

Diversity and Cultural Awareness Profile
This instrument looks at both the individual's and the organization's measure of commitment to diversity and awareness of cultural differences.

Emotional Intelligence Profile
Emotional Intelligence is a key factor in personal and professional intelligence, but how can we develop it completely if we have not measured it?

Leadership Effectiveness Profile
Using the Leadership Effectiveness Profile will help determine whether/which other Profiles should be used for a more complete picture of an individual's effectiveness as a leader.

Learning Styles Questionnaire
Learning can take place in almost any place at almost any time. However, the methodology or approach that is used (by both the giver and receiver of information) may vary considerably and may be successful to a greater or lesser extent depending upon the situation or the circumstances in which learning is expected to occur.

Listening Effectiveness Profile
The Listening Effectiveness Profile measures an individual's capacity to listen effectively, empathetically, and attentively.

Management Effectiveness Profile
The Management Effectiveness Profile is a competency-based diagnostic instrument that will give your key leaders a valuable snapshot of their strengths and weaknesses. Once they recognize their own competencies, they can explore where to concentrate their improvement efforts so they can manage even more successfully in the future.

Negotiating Style Questionnaire
This instrument integrates fully with the conflict instrument in looking at the 'levels of energy' and 'levels of empathy' that may be used in a negotiation. The instrument plots individual scores in all quadrants of a grid, which reveal their use of four distinct negotiating styles - these are the styles of Pushy bullying, Quietly manipulating, Carefully suggesting, and Confidently promoting.

Personal Stress and Well-Being Assessment
This Profile takes a holistic look at stress and well-being.

Problem Solving and Decision Making Profile
This Profile measures an individual's ability to solve problems and make decisions.

Sales Effectiveness Profile
In an increasingly competitive world, an effective salesperson needs a wide variety of skills and competencies in order to be successful.

Teambuilding Effectiveness
This instrument looks at an individual's ability to effectively build the team using the Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing model and using seven separate categories in all.

Time Management Effectiveness Profile
This Profile measures how effectively individuals manage their time in a range of different situations and circumstances.

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