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Leadership Assessments

Online leadership assessment enables individuals to learn valuable information about their leadership styles, competencies, and behaviors. The purpose of our leadership assessments is to identify development priorities.

The depth of information that can be learned is dependent on the length and style of the assessment. 180 degree or 360 degree feedback is possible with either of the HRD Press leadership assessment options. Multi-rater assessment is particularly valuable for providing a leader with information about perceptions of his/her behavior within the real-world context of the workplace.

Leadership and management assessments overlap to a great degree, though leadership models include competencies/behaviors/styles that evaluate less immediately tangible qualities such as strategic thinking or vision as well as communication-oriented skills such as the ability to inspire and motivate.

To select a leadership assessment you need to evaluate the model or basis for the assessment as well as the output of a completed assessment. Answer the questions:

  1. Do I need to determine leadership style?
  2. Do I need to assess leadership skills or competencies?
  3. Do I prefer an objective assessment or a subjective assessment based on the input of self or others?
  4. Is an analysis of strengths and weaknesses according to this specific assessment model valuable?
  5. Does the assessment provide a next step to begin the development cycle?
  6. Does the report output for the assessment support our organization and individual goals?

The products we have on Leadership Assessments are:

Leadership Effectiveness Profile
Using the Leadership Effectiveness Profile will help determine whether/which other Profiles should be used for a more complete picture of an individual's effectiveness as a leader.

Performance Skills Leader Online®
Feedback on Leadership, Data Friendly Graphics Pinpoint Needs at a Glance. Reports identify highest development needs, key differences with Manager, highest rated items and competencies-all from peers, direct reports, self and Manager.

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