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Janus Performance
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Janus Performance Management™ System

Performance management combines performance appraisal with training and development to form a continuous cycle during which an employee uses feedback from their supervisor and others to guide development efforts. A complete system includes mechanisms for assessment as well as training for supervisors and employees on all phases of the performance appraisal process.

The Janus Performance Management System is a complete package of performance management resources available in reproducible format in 3-ring binders, via licensing on CDROM, or as an online system with a flexible assessment system. Janus can supplement or enhance existing performance management systems or be used to create a completely new system based on core competencies.

An effective performance management system must align performance goals with business strategy and desired outcomes at the individual position level. Individuals must participate in developing the criteria they will be evaluated on and there must be training and development opportunities. Coaching and mentoring components should promote continuous improvement.

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Janus Performance Management™ System

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